Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MMMMMMM Holiday Candy....

I love holiday candy. Cinnamon and candy hearts in February, Cadbury Robin's Egg and black jelly beans at Easter time, candy corn and pumpkins in October and of course, candy canes at Christmas. After Christmas, I found 5 bags of red and green M&Ms on clearance for under a dollar-each! Get in my cart M&Ms!! I knew this would be a cheap way to have candy for the next few holidays. Besides, I love to throw some on my popcorn. Mmm :) So tonight I broke open the bags and divided the two colors. Red for Valentines day and green for St. Patrick's day. It took forever and I have decided that the M&M company hates to share the red ones. There were barely any red in those bags.
This is 3 bags of M&Ms. Why do you put in so little red, M&M company? They need love too. As you can see, I put some of the red candies in my cute little glass jar I found at my thrift store for a buck. Nice huh? And then I put it next to my other glass jars full of my holiday candy and Voila! Cute candy sitting on my counter. Now if I can just keep my family from eating it. This is art here, not munchies.


  1. I would never think to separate the candy by color. I would just buy the current holiday bag. Genius!

  2. I love this idea. I never thought of making Christmas candy for Valentines :)