Friday, February 5, 2010

1-2-3-4 My Laundry Room

My almost 4 year old, is forever putting his dark laundry in my white laundry basket, even if I tell him-"Put it in the first one!!" But alas, he still gets it wrong. So I had an idea. Since Mr. R is enjoying learning his letters and numbers in preparation for preschool this fall, I decided to number each basket.

I started out with a package of coasters that I bought from Michaels for $1.00.

They came six to a package. But I only needed four. Of course I will save the rest for another project down the road. I'm not a huge fan of the design that was on these coasters, so I had to spray paint over them. Love me a good can of spray paint!!

I cut out some circles and the numbers 1-4 with my vinyl cutter, and slapped them on.

Here is my laundry baskets that I bought at Ikea a while back when they first opened here in Utah. I am SO happy that Ikea is finally close to me! I have been in love with Ikea ever since we went to one in Canada four years ago. I've even had them send me the catalog every year since then just so I could look at it and drool.

I used some twine that I bought at the dollar store to tie them on. I think they look awesome. It makes me feel organized. Ans we all know that laundry needs to be organized. And I have to tell you that Mr. R did put his dirty clothes in the right laundry basket. :)


  1. I am amazed by the organization of your laundry. I think you need to come to Canada and help me :)

  2. i love this, it turned out so cute. how have i lived without a vinyl cutter for so long? definitely on the wish list...