Monday, January 25, 2010

My Fridge Frame Update

After much debate on what to do to my frame, I have finally finished. And it turned out great!! You're gonna love it as much as I do. :) I am really happy with how it turned out.
It took me forever to decide on a color. I was thinking red and so were the my friends who left comments. But, No to that idea. (thanks guys-it makes me feel special to get some feedback!) My dear husband, -who tries to avoid me when I am decorating at the fear I may get him involved in some way- told me I should paint it green because our house is full of that lovely color. No to that idea. So as I stood in my kitchen, I saw that the basket on my fridge was brown with a light liner. And then I noticed that my rug had the same color in it too! So that led to my color choice. Spray painted it with Heirloom White. Love that color. I was happy with the way it turned out, but one of the reasons why I loved this frame from the beginning, was because of the detail work. So naturally I chose to highlight that detail work with some stain. I took a sponge brush a dipped just the end of the brush in the stain and dragged it across the details ever so lightly. I had to respray paint a couple of times, but it all worked out. What do you think??

How did I hang it to my fridge you ask? Well I must say I was thinking magnets at first. Only because it is a fridge, and you can use magnets on a fridge, but I knew that with all of the opening and closing that the fridge goes through I knew I needed something stronger to hold it up. Hello 3M command hooks!

I got the smallest ones I could find and placed them in line with the thingys on back of my frame that I would be hanging them on.
It seems to be holding, But I do need to put a magnet on the bottom back because it does move back and forth a little too much.
And now for the whole reason why I wanted to do this--

I'm thinking about doing a quote of the day on my blog. I figure everyone needs a little something to think about each day. So as soon as I figure how to do it and have it look good, I will do it. Thanks guys for looking!

I am going to try and link this to

I'm trying to imagine it for less--but its a surprise!

Here is what I am working on now- when I can find the time!! But I am so excited about it! So here is your peek--

I know it doesn't seem like much now, but if all goes well, it will be something fabulous! I hope to finish it by the end of the week.

My weekly calendar for my family

I though I would share with all of you how I keep my family's different schedules in order.
First off, I went down to "Wally-World" and got this dry-erase/magnetic board for $5.oo.
Then since I have my own vinyl cutter, I just cut out the days of the week and placed them on there. I only did Monday- Friday because we don't have much going on during the weekends. But there are times when I had the whole week on here. But I like the amount of room that each day has.
I use wet/dry erase markers on my board so that I don't lose any information very easily.

I give each of my kids a different color so I know at a glance who has what going on. Blue for Miss A, Green for Mr T, and Red for Miss V. I will need another color when Mr R gets older. I use black for all of my things that I have and anything else going on. It helps everyone else to know what's planned for the week as well.
I used some double-sided sticky tape and put it up in my kitchen so all would see it. Its been up for about 3 years and I use it every week. Change it every Sunday and I have even added who has what chores on the bottom so no one gets confused who's week it is to load the dishwasher.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am on a roll--Project #2 and Blog #2--all in one day

I am feeling good. It must be the New Year of feeling like to need to get stuff done and clean stuff out. So here for you is my project #2 that I am working on-

Meet my Fridge--

(Please ignore my kid's papers on the side.)

Here is my plan for my fridge.
I have always wanted to have a place in my house for me to write a quote of the day on. Someplace where all my family could see it. I have kids upstairs and in the basement so it had to be in a spot where everyone could read it sometime during the day. So hello fridge space. I hate clutter on the front of my fridge, but I can live with my frame on the front.

Meet my new frame.

I love this frame for two reasons.

#1--It was .50 cents at my favorite thrift store

#2--it's got some great detail work

#3--its plastic==lightweight

So I lied.

I have 3 reasons.

Here is the picture that came in the frame. That I am spray painting with chalkboard spray paint, since I had a can of it in my garage.
So now the question for you--

What color do I paint the frame?

Black? or is that too much black.

Red with stain to make it a little bit darker?

I have no idea.

I am open to all suggestions, so advise away my friends.
When it finally makes it to the fridge, I will post photos. So you all can check out my new quote board.

$$$-The cost part-$$$
paint-already owned= free
So far pretty cheap! And I love cheap!

Whatcha think?? Yea or Nay--

My very first post to my blog--Yea for me!

Don't judge me, but yes I did hang a HUGE Christmas wreath in my basement. (And when I say huge I mean like as tall as my 4 year old.) I found it at my local thrift store for $5.00!! I could not leave this baby in the store for someone else to snag up. I brought it home around christmas time and was very excited to show my husband. Lets just say he wasn't as excited as I was. He had different plans for it. Like to go and hang it on our neighbors door so when they opened their door--BAM!! Big wreath in their face. Ummm--No Thanks. A little funny and maybe a good back-up plan if I cant think of anything else. Moving on---

I have this empty space on the wall behind my couch and I thought it would be a perfect spot. So up went the wreath.

But it needs something in the middle. What?

How about a white shelf I have had laying around, taking up space. And throw some stain on it.

Now spray paint some stars the were taking up space. Throw some stain on them too.

And this is what I ended up with. The wall color is different but only because I took the two pictures at different times of the day. And basement lighting is no good for picture taking.

So is it too Christmasy? Maybe a little, but I kinda like it. I think its growing on me. Or I guess the wreath could be growing. It is a pretty big wreath.
Here is a close up of the shelf and stars.

Tell me what you think.
$$$-The cost part-$$$
Stars--$2.00 at a yard sale this past summer
paint & stain--already had in garage=free
So total cost was $7.00

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hello my name is Sabrina and I am a Blogger :)

For awhile now, I have been an admirer of the blogs that are out there in Blog land. I have decided to start a blog of my own (even though I have no idea what I'm doing) in hopes that I may inspire someone to find their creative side and do it for less.