Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am on a roll--Project #2 and Blog #2--all in one day

I am feeling good. It must be the New Year of feeling like to need to get stuff done and clean stuff out. So here for you is my project #2 that I am working on-

Meet my Fridge--

(Please ignore my kid's papers on the side.)

Here is my plan for my fridge.
I have always wanted to have a place in my house for me to write a quote of the day on. Someplace where all my family could see it. I have kids upstairs and in the basement so it had to be in a spot where everyone could read it sometime during the day. So hello fridge space. I hate clutter on the front of my fridge, but I can live with my frame on the front.

Meet my new frame.

I love this frame for two reasons.

#1--It was .50 cents at my favorite thrift store

#2--it's got some great detail work

#3--its plastic==lightweight

So I lied.

I have 3 reasons.

Here is the picture that came in the frame. That I am spray painting with chalkboard spray paint, since I had a can of it in my garage.
So now the question for you--

What color do I paint the frame?

Black? or is that too much black.

Red with stain to make it a little bit darker?

I have no idea.

I am open to all suggestions, so advise away my friends.
When it finally makes it to the fridge, I will post photos. So you all can check out my new quote board.

$$$-The cost part-$$$
paint-already owned= free
So far pretty cheap! And I love cheap!


  1. I'm always a fan of red and black, its one of my favorite color combinations. It would be really bold. Do you have any other red in your kitchen? If not black on black might be better. Not very helpful, I know...

  2. Or- I just had a thought- You could paint it red first, then black and sand some away so the red pokes through.

  3. I was thinking I'd post my idea of red with black on top...with red coming through. But then I see the post of Sal my Gal-she stole my idea..heehee. Unfortunately she posted before me so she looks smarter than me. But if you do do that...when I came over pretend I gave you the idea:)