Monday, January 25, 2010

My Fridge Frame Update

After much debate on what to do to my frame, I have finally finished. And it turned out great!! You're gonna love it as much as I do. :) I am really happy with how it turned out.
It took me forever to decide on a color. I was thinking red and so were the my friends who left comments. But, No to that idea. (thanks guys-it makes me feel special to get some feedback!) My dear husband, -who tries to avoid me when I am decorating at the fear I may get him involved in some way- told me I should paint it green because our house is full of that lovely color. No to that idea. So as I stood in my kitchen, I saw that the basket on my fridge was brown with a light liner. And then I noticed that my rug had the same color in it too! So that led to my color choice. Spray painted it with Heirloom White. Love that color. I was happy with the way it turned out, but one of the reasons why I loved this frame from the beginning, was because of the detail work. So naturally I chose to highlight that detail work with some stain. I took a sponge brush a dipped just the end of the brush in the stain and dragged it across the details ever so lightly. I had to respray paint a couple of times, but it all worked out. What do you think??

How did I hang it to my fridge you ask? Well I must say I was thinking magnets at first. Only because it is a fridge, and you can use magnets on a fridge, but I knew that with all of the opening and closing that the fridge goes through I knew I needed something stronger to hold it up. Hello 3M command hooks!

I got the smallest ones I could find and placed them in line with the thingys on back of my frame that I would be hanging them on.
It seems to be holding, But I do need to put a magnet on the bottom back because it does move back and forth a little too much.
And now for the whole reason why I wanted to do this--

I'm thinking about doing a quote of the day on my blog. I figure everyone needs a little something to think about each day. So as soon as I figure how to do it and have it look good, I will do it. Thanks guys for looking!

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  1. Love the idea...quote of the day! Beautiful frame and fabulous idea!

  2. That frame is gorgeous, it looks awesome on your fridge, which I am jealous of, btw. :)
    Very cool, love the quote too.