Thursday, February 25, 2010

A place to hang

While at my local goodwill with my friend Miss J, I found 3 wrought iron star hooks. For a 1.50 a piece. I have seen the same ones at a local decor store for a lot more so I knew they were a good deal. I wanted to make a place to hang coats and backpacks or something like that for my Mr R.

In my garage I found a piece of MDF molding we used in our house that I thought would be perfect.

In comes some red spray paint--

Now I had two different red cans of spray paint, so I just used them both to get a different kind of red. It worked out really well and I love the color.

Of course it have to get some stain on the edges to get that finished look I like, and it looks SO good. Funny what a little bit of stain can do to a project. :)

Next I drilled some holes so I can hang this up with some heavy duty screws, because I know this thing will be HEAVY by the time I glue on the hooks--

Mix some Gorilla Epoxy-
Slap some on the back of the hooks--

Now I just need to get some good strong screws to hang it.


  1. Unreal! I swear I saw the exact same thing at a boutique for $40! You are amazing!!

  2. this turned out so great! i have been searching for something like this too.

  3. Love love love it! You're the best!!

  4. Ok.... it has been 3 weeks since you posted this. You have GOT to be up to something! What is your latest project??