Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My surprise project --Part 2

Here is an update on what I am working on. Still not quite finished I am sorry to say. But here are some photos to show you what I have been doing. If you missed my first mysterious post you can check it out here-- http://imagineitforless.blogspot.com/2010/01/im-trying-to-imagine-it-for-less-but.html

(Please ignore my wood scraps in the garbage can)

I spray painted the circle I cut out, black. After I realized that it was FLAT black and not GLOSS black! ARG!! So on went clear coat to gloss things up a little.

I stained the inside circle that I cut out of the above board. A couple different times, with a couple different colors of stain. Finally I got the color I was looking for. With some help from Mr.R.
Nice color huh? I like it. And it was what I was looking for. Yea me!

You remember this little silver tray, don't ya?

All it needed was a bunch of stain of a few different colors to get what I needed. Sorry I couldn't get a good picture of what it looks like after all the layers of stain. Oh! Did I mention that I picked up this tray at the dollar store? Yeah baby-The wedding section my friends. And I have a great idea for another tray I picked up there, that I will post ASAP!! You will love it. Promise. Its so easy too. Moving on--
Am I giving too much away? Do you have an idea what I am trying to create?

I added some silver leafing to the edges. And of course some more stain on top of that. And here is what it looks like now--

So this is as far as I have gotten. Hopefully in the next week I will be able to finish it and then I will show you my inspiration photo and you can tell me how close I got to that.
I also have some fun projects that I am working one, so stay tuned for those!!


  1. I'm clueless too. All I know is that as I was reading up on your blog, I was feeling REALLY uncreative!!!! Nice job on your other projects!

  2. I'm clueless, too...but whatever it is it looks cool! You are so creative! You amaze me!!